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I used to be half-ethers, but now I'm up to 80% solid. I can still do tricks though.

Mes Merize


Praying mantis on the screen outside my window, languorously cleaning herself — licking elbows to wipe around and across her ruby eyes, swiveling her triangular head — completely mesmerizes me, puts me in a spell as I observe for I don’t know how long, and then she tilts her head back to face me and we just watch each other. She tracks my movements in 20 degree shifts of her neck’s angle, and finally lifts a folded arm to lick her elbow and slowly, carefully continue preening the top of her head.



blurE -Dawn Sperber

I think my spirit body passed my roommate’s spirit body walking down the hall last night. It could be a dream I’m recalling, but we were partially transparent and that’s the way it feels to me. We each gave a soft hey and kept going.