Two New Books

I’m so happy to finally share my weird, lyrical story collection with you:


This flash fiction chapbook of magical realism is available from the publisher on the Finishing Line Press website, as well as in paperback and hardcover through, Amazon,  Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere. You can also ask your local bookstore or library to carry it. 😉❤️



“The narrative voice in this collection brings to mind my favorite writers of stories—Denis Johnson, Lauren Groff, Eudora Welty. There’s a similar trust in the strangeness, danger, and lovability of humans and of language. At the same time, the voice here is distinctly Dawn Sperber’s own, magic and floating, yet rooted in our shared existence. As with the tricks performed by a character in the title story, the writing here seems to “spin and levitate in the air.” We’ll never know how she did it, but we’ll keep following her, hoping to find out.”

Joanna Penn Cooper, author of The Itinerant Girl’s Guide to Self-Hypnosis

“These spritely, sparkly stories beckon the reader into a world where anything can happen. Everyday life is transformed—no, transmuted— into something unpredictable and a little risky, and the language leaps and dips, motored by passion, by humor, by fondness for these eccentric characters. These stories are dreamscapes tuned to the key of loss and redemption. I thoroughly enjoyed them.”

Summer Wood, author of Raising Wrecker and Arroyo

“Sperber’s characters in Now, That’s a Trick are as bewitching as ever. I immediately fell in love with John in the opening title story; the chime of his pocket coins set the melody for chapbook. The short pieces that follow aren’t just small fictions, or poems, or songs, but a new slant on all three. Sperber somehow makes the reader feel as though they’re underwater, in the loveliest, most gentle way imaginable… It is the element of healing, lying just under the surface in this collection of eleven of Sperber’s finest pieces, that necessarily tempers the most dangerous edges of the loosening grip on reality.”

Vallie Lynn Watson, author of A River So Long

Read Vallie Lynn Watson’s full review in The Paper.

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Just released by Shanti Arts Publishing


A book of poetry and drawings by

Dawn Sperber

With cover art by Irene Hardwicke Olivieri

Find here poems of childlike wonder and ancient wisdom, as Dawn Sperber shares her lyrical offerings about natural magic, New Mexico’s wild beauty, timeless moments, and the limitless self. This beautiful book is illustrated with fanciful drawings by the author that complement the wordplay. It’s a little book ripe with soul reminders and creativity that you can carry to remind you of your own magic.


  1. You are incredible!! ” What are we waiting for…?” Thanks for reminding me and bringing me to the fullest part of this moment!!

  2. Hi Dawn, my name is Lesley and I’m the editor of Zizzle. I was just now doing a proof of the writer bios, etc., for our upcoming issue and saw that you are in New Mexico. Me too! (Corrales) So I just wanted to say hi, and how very much I liked your story (which goes without saying, actually, since I’m part of the team that chooses the stories). So Hi, and happy 4th to you.

    1. That’s lovely you reached out, Lesley. Thanks for your kind words! What a cool detail that you live in Corrales, where my story takes place. (I’m in love with all the cottonwoods there.) I’m looking forward to the new Zizzle issue!

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