Gears of the Night

This Christmas Eve, I’m wishing you peace.

Here’s a poem about Christmas Eve that I wrote almost a year ago exactly, at my friend Jennifer Simpson’s drop-in writing group. She was a powerhouse of community effort and encouragement, and she recently passed away, but her influence shines on. In honor of all that Jenn inspired in the writing community, I share the light of this poem, published today at ONE ART: A Journal of Poetry.

In my bio, I share a little about Jenn’s wide-ranging work. Check out the links to her organizations, like Plume and Dime Stories, and the many beautiful collaborations she helped empower. Explore the fine books that her press, Talk Story Publishing, came out with in the past few years, and read some of Jenn’s own writings and her Plume blog posts, full of her insight, candor, and compassion.

Peace and blessings to you and yours.


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