“An Interview with Dawn Sperber” on Plume: A Writer’s Companion website, November 2019

The Lightning Room With Dawn Sperberon PANK Magazine website, November 2013



Now, That’s a Trick, chapbook, Finishing Line Press, 2022 

“Inoculation” in Daily Science Fiction, 2021

“Now, That’s a Trick” in Zizzle Literary #4, 2021 

Walking Trees Take Over White House!” in Medium, 2020

“Ravenous Mermaids” in Bourbon Penn #17, 2019 (listed as a notable story of 2019 by The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 12)

“Turning Song,” (published under the pen name Fey Karvaly) in Luna Station Quarterly #024, 2016

“We Take All the Luck We Can Get” in NANO Fiction #10.1, 2016

“In Dreams I Find You” in matchbook, Volume 3: Ad Stories, 2015

“Pirate’s Handkerchief” in Fox Chase Review, Winter 2014

Our Master of Psalmodyin PANK Magazine #8.2, 2013

Coincidences Radio in Nanoism #557, 2013

“Hephaestus’s Forge” in Witches & Pagans #26, 2013

We’ve Already Been Inventedin Santa Fe Reporter, Fiction Contest winner, 2012

“Finnegan’s Gaze” in The Binnacle‘s Ninth Ultra-Short Competition, 2012

“Heart-Friend” in The Binnacle‘s Eighth Ultra-Short Competition, 2011

“Wish on the Ring’s Eye” in Whidbey Writers Student Choice Awards, winner for June 2011

Wind in a Ring Box in Gargoyle Magazine #57, 2011

“Pill and the Ant Palace” in On the Premises #15, 2011

“Astro Mother and Girl Odysseus” in Fox Chase Review, Winter/Spring 2011

“Sulfur Steam” in Moon Milk Review (now The Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Review), winner of November’s Prosetry Contest, 2010

“Youth” in flashquake #9.2, Editor’s Pick, 2009

If the River Men Take You in Annalemma, 2009

Herfumein The Alibi, Ridiculously Short Fiction Contest winner, 2008

“You Could Measure It Perfectly” in Hunger Mountain #13, 2008

Why the Moon in The Pedestal Magazine #33, 2006

“Burning Woman” in Rosebud Magazine #25, 2002



My Bones Are Love Giftsbook of poems and drawings, Shanti Arts, 2022

“Gears of the Night” in ONE ART: A Journal of Poetry, 2020

“A Wild Thing Full of Magnets” in We’Moon 2020

“Wake Up!” in We’Moon 2020 

“My Cloak Slips Off” in We’Moon 2018

“My Bones Are Love Gifts” in We’Moon 2017

“What Are We Waiting For?” in We’Moon 2015

Spiders Bite Me In My Sleepin Going Down Swinging (AU) #35 (audio collaboration with Daniel Gonzales), 2013

Fool Card  in Going Down Swinging (AU) #32 (audio collaboration with Jerome Covington), 2011

“Ghost of Surprise Drafts” in Third Wednesday, 2010



“Who You Meet in the Middle of Nowhere” in K’in Literary Journal #9, 2022 

To Drive or Not to Drive: Public Transportation in the City Different in Eco-Source: A Guide to Sustainability in Action, 2012


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