The Lightning Room With Dawn Sperberin PANK Magazine, interviewed by Simon Jacobs, 2013



“Turning Song,” published under the pen name Fey Karvaly, in Luna Station Quarterly, #024, 2016

“We Take All the Luck We Can Get” in NANO Fiction, #10.1, 2016

“In Dreams I Find You” in matchbook, Volume 3: Ad Stories, 2015

“Pirate’s Handkerchief” in Fox Chase Review, Winter 2014

Our Master of Psalmodyin PANK Magazine #8.2, 2013

Coincidences Radio in Nanoism #557, 2013

Hephaestus’s Forge in Witches & Pagans #26, 2013

We’ve Already Been Inventedin Santa Fe Reporter, Fiction Contest winner, 2012

“Finnegan’s Gaze” in The Binnacle‘s Ninth Ultra-Short Competition, 2012

“Heart-Friend” in The Binnacle‘s Eighth Ultra-Short Competition, 2011

“Wish on the Ring’s Eye” in Whidbey Writers Student Choice Awards, winner for June 2011

Wind in a Ring Box in Gargoyle Magazine #57, 2011

“Pill and the Ant Palace” in On the Premises #15, 2011

“Astro Mother and Girl Odysseus” in Fox Chase Review, Winter/Spring 2011

“Sulfur Steam” in Moon Milk Review (now Dr. TJ Eckleberg Review), winner of November’s Prosetry Contest, 2010

“Youth” in flashquake #9.2, Editor’s Pick, 2009

If the River Men Take You in Annalemma, 2009

Herfumein The Alibi, Ridiculously Short Fiction Contest winner, 2008

“You Could Measure It Perfectly” in Hunger Mountain #13, 2008

Why the Moon in The Pedestal Magazine #33, 2006

“Burning Woman” in Rosebud Magazine #25, 2002



“My Bones Are Love Gifts” in We’Moon, 2017

“What Are We Waiting For?” in We’Moon, 2015

Spiders Bite Me In My Sleepin Going Down Swinging (AU) #35 (audio collaboration with Daniel Gonzales), 2013

Fool Card  in Going Down Swinging (AU) #32 (audio collaboration with Jerome Covington), 2011

“Ghost of Surprise Drafts” in Third Wednesday, 2010



To Drive or Not to Drive: Public Transportation in the City Different in Eco-Source: A Guide to Sustainability in Action, 2012











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