I’m a writer and freelance editor living in New Mexico. My stories and poems often focus on magic, since that’s what really happens in life, but not the kind of magic with fancy wands or perfect edges, necessarily. I’m drawn to authenticity and healing, and to pursuing the mojo of life that motors us through the challenges.

My stories, poems, audio collaborations, and articles have been published in a tidy, shiny heap of literary magazines and contests, including these: Daily Science Fiction, PANK Magazine, Bourbon Penn, NANO Fiction, We’Moon, Hunger Mountain, Going Down Swinging, matchbook, Gargoyle, The Doctor T.J. Eckleberg Review, flashquake, Luna Station Quarterly, and others.

Interested in learning more? You can find links to other worlds on the Publications page of this website. The Read section offers selected published poems and stories. Visit the Listen area to hear poetry and music collaborations, and the Blog section has some personal whispers. Have you explored them yet?

Edit & Shine is my editing business, offering services to polish your written work and help it shine. Click the Editing link to visit my editing website, cleanedit4u.com, where I offer freelance developmental editing, copyediting, and tutoring services. I’m also the Maker of Magic & Adjustments (doing graphic design, editing, etc.) for Plume: A Writer’s Companion, and I’m a prose reader for Boulevard Magazine.

That’s a little about me. Connect with me if you’re curious to learn more. Tell me about what you’re working on. Relay your odd dreams.

Write on, friends.