My Bones Are Love Gifts

After a very long wait, it’s out! My first full-length book, MY BONES ARE LOVE GIFTS, containing my poetry and drawings, is now available from Shanti Arts Publishing. 

This book has a lot of magic in it. I feel like the world is at a low-energy place right now and we’re all shaken in our foundations and searching for ways to feel like life is meaningful and still beautiful. That’s what MY BONES ARE LOVE GIFTS is tapped into. It’s a channel into the intimacy of being connected with life, no matter what’s going on, and the power and beauty that can be found by claiming your own moment.  

Even though I am currently dealing with many challenges, this book is full of a lot of the shiniest bits of me, with poems and drawings that span decades. It contains that inspiring light that spoke through me and guided me, that voice that’s mine but not mine, which I’ve been so grateful for throughout all the years that I wrote these poems and drew these pictures. Many of these poems are like old friends who have taught me a lot, and I’m happy to introduce them to you too.

I feel like I am fulfilling a goal of my lineage by being a woman publishing my soul truths and art in a world that has really tried to squash that and over-edit and silence me, like it did to so many women in my bloodline before me. But as you must know, there’s a lot of power that can come from listening to your soul and claiming your own multidimensional moment and sense of self. My hope is that this book is a touchstone that reminds you of your own private magic.

You can learn more about it here at the Shanti Arts website, where you can also pick up a copy, or you can order it at your favorite bookseller.

Book cover art by Irene Hardwicke Olivieri.

Wishing you a lovely new moon and Thanksgiving weekend,



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